Computer Home Help will help you strike a balance between PC security and functionality. Too much security can affect your daily use of the computer and your security level can be set depending on whether you're a low or high risk user.



Stay safe online by following these basic rules....

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, or a security firm claiming to work for Microsoft, or from someone claiming to be from your Internet Provider just hang up. They will try to persuade you that you have a serious security problem but it's just a scam.

If a security warning appears on your screen and you're unable to get rid of it, or it asks you for money to fix a problem, just close it. If you can't close it you should restart the computer. If it won't let you close the window or turn off the PC just turn it off at the wall. Any warning that acts in this way is almost certainly a scam. If it returns once the PC has been restarted I would recommend giving me a call on 0131 620 1412 just to be sure.

If you receive an email that you're not expecting, and it has an attachment, I would advise against opening it. If necessary call the person that it has come from to check that they actually sent it. If it has come from someone you don't know then it should be avoided altogether!